TOONTRACK Drops Post-Metal EZX For EZdrummer 3 As A Part Of Metal Month

Toontrack has just launched their Metal Month campaign and is kicking things off with the Post-Metal EZX. The Post-Metal EZX is an all-new expansion for the company’s massively popular drum software EZdrummer 3 and was recorded at the Ocean Sound Recording studio by Thomas Hedlund of the band Cult of Luna. So y’know, only one of the best drummers in the post-metal game. No big deal.


The Post-Metal EZX offers four complete drum kits and two additional kit configurations recorded with snare wires off and includes a wide range of presets.

“We tried to find something that was pointing in a specific musical direction,” said Hedlund. “And with that I mean giving the original sounds a lot of personality; making them more extreme if you will. The final product is meant to spark creativity in this genre, however broad it is. I sincerely hope that it will inspire people and open up new musical paths.”

Get it here for $89.

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