TOONTRACK Drops New Monumental MIDI Pack Feat. CULT OF LUNA’s Drummer

Toontrack recently teamed up with Thomas Hedlund of the band Cult of Luna for the brand new Post-Metal EZX, but they’re not done yet! The duo have now returned with the new Monumental MIDI drum pack featuring grooves and fills inspired by the post-metal genre. The pack brings with it over 500 individually played grooves and fills that cover 4/4, 5/4, 7/8 and 9/8 playing variations in straight or swung feel, and with tempos ranging from 65 BPM to 130 BPM.


“In a genre where atmosphere, feel and dynamics run like arteries through every arrangement, the groove is monumental,” said Toontrack of the pack. “In fact, it’s the lifeblood present in the fabric of its DNA and, when played right, it can be the pivot around which an entire song revolves. In this MIDI pack for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer, Thomas Hedlund boils down his years behind the kit of Swedish post-metal veterans Cult of Luna to a collection of MIDI that, just like the genre itself, draws from an amalgam of styles.

“Expect a highly versatile collection of drum MIDI for slow, atmospheric and groove-centric songs applicable far beyond what you’d casually file under ‘metal.'”

Get it here for $29.

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