TOONTRACK Brings The Low End With New Heavy Metal EBX

Toontrack continues to celebrate their Metal Month festivities, this time with the new Heavy Metal EBX expansion for EZbass. The Heavy Metal EBX offers both fingerstyle and pick samples, a range from A0 to E4, and of course a handful of clean and distorted tones depending on how gritty you wanna get.


It also helps that the EBX was modeled after Ian Hill of Judas Priest‘s limited edition, signature Spector Euro4.

“This bass was designed to celebrate the band’s five decades at the pantheon of metal and has all the traits of a classic ‘80s-era Spector – the solid maple body wings, the three-piece maple neck and the rosewood fingerboard – but also offers tons of features that takes it into the new millennium and beyond,” said Toontrack of the bass.

“One of the standout details of the lot is the onboard TonePump, an active preamp with an internal boost trim pot. The specifics of the circuitry in this preamp offers lots of tube-like characteristics, enabling you to really crank the output of the bass without the tone cracking up – it just gets warmer, beefier and, frankly, more heavy metal.”

Grab the EBX here for $79.