TOONTRACK Unveils New AL SCHMITT SDX And EZX Expansions!

That’s right, Toontrack has just unleashed two new highly-anticipated products tailored to the prolific audio craftsmanship of Al Schmitt: the Decades SDX for Superior Drummer 3, and the Big Band EZX expansion for EZdrummer 2!


The Decades SDX features:

• Produced by 23-time Grammy Award-winning engineer/mixer Al Schmitt
• Recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, CA
• Five (5) kits
• 12 snares, nine (9) kicks as well as a broad collection of hi-hats and cymbals
• Includes several iconic original instruments, like the original snare drum used by Jeff Porcaro on Toto’s “Rosanna” as well as Steve Ferrone’s personal drum kit
• Brushes and/or mallets available on select kits/instruments
• Drums from the 1920s through the late 1990s
• Recorded with an additional seven room microphones for playback in stereo up to 9.1 systems

And the Big Band EZX features:

• Two complete kits from the 1930s-1940s era
• Recorded at Capitol Studios by legendary producer/engineer Al Schmitt
• Includes kit configurations recorded with sticks and brushes as well as with snare wires on and off
• Mix-ready presets tailored for a big band-inspired sound
• Includes a selection of big band-inspired MIDI drum grooves

You can learn more about each product over on the Toontrack website.

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