TOOL’s Justin Chancellor Has His Own Signature Wah Pedal Now

If you’ve ever listened to Tool, then you’ve absolutely said the phrase “is that a bass?” It is, and now you can sound like that too thanks to Dunlop’s new signature Justin Chancellor Cry Baby wah. The Cry Baby is an all-in-one filter, wah, and fuzz pedal to give you the insane range that Chancellor wields both in the studio and live.


The Justin Chancellor Cry Baby offers two wah modes – U.K. Filter, for extra pronunciation and voice-like phrasing, and Wah, for your good ol’ wah tones. Both modes can be customized with separate Volume and Q controls, and allow players to move between the two at any time by stomping on the Wah Select footswitch. Then there are the fuzz capabilities, which can be used by themselves, as the filter modes can be as well.

Grab one here for $299.99.

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