TOOL’s Justin Chancellor Explains the Inspiration Behind His New Wah Pedal

Tool bassist Justin Chancellor recently introduced his signature Dunlop Justin Chancellor Cry Baby wah. The Cry Baby is an all-in-one filter, wah, and fuzz pedal to give you the insane range that Chancellor wields both in the studio and live.


Chancellor sat down with Bass Magazine to talk about the pedal a little more, and revealed that part of its functionality was due to the song ‘The Pot.”

“I use it toward the end of ‘The Pot.’ This was a big reason for coming up with the heel fuzz button. I also use it for bits and pieces all over the place in our set. It’s invaluable for any kind of sonic jam, and I also love that I can use the fuzz independently. Since we finished it, I have been incorporating it more into my playing every day.”

Chancellor also talked a little bit about his he uses the pedal.

“I mostly use the UK Filter setting (blue), but I play around with the volume and Q. The Fuzz tone and UK tone are usually set around 12 o’clock for some bite and volume, so it naturally steps up a notch switching from clean to dirty with the Fuzz at 2 or 3 o’clock.”

The Justin Chancellor Cry Baby offers two wah modes – U.K. Filter, for extra pronunciation and voice-like phrasing, and Wah, for your regular wah tones. Both modes can be customized with separate Volume and Q controls, and allow players to move between the two at any time by stomping on the Wah Select footswitch. Then there are the fuzz capabilities, which can be used by themselves, as the filter modes can be as well.

Grab one here for $299.99.

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