Tommy Lee’s Cruecifly Kit: Because When You’re Upside Down, 60 Feet in the Air, Acoustic Drums Won’t Cut it

It’s not something I’d previously given a lot of thought to, because “how can I get the best possible drum tone while my drumset is upside down and traversing an amphitheater” is not a question asked by a sane person. So I guess it’s hats off to Tommy Lee for venturing where we do not, but gravity will likely take care of pulling the hat off for us.


The solution to the “real drums weren’t really meant to flip around and shit” problem is to use an electronic kit, specifically Pearl’s E-Pro Live model. I never would have known that they weren’t acoustic drums by the look. You’d think that it shouldn’t matter, that we’re not so shallow as to care about such things, but a lot of us have grown up used to our instruments looking a certain way dagnabbit. And that certain way is not “just like a Duran Duran video.”

Here’s a short clip of Tommy Lee testing out the drum aerospace vehicle’s lighting rig for Motley Crue’s live show. The kick positioning is a little odd, but it’s likely a necessity to properly secure it to the rotating platform.

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  • did i miss the part wear he played the drums well?

  • It’s like a really ugly chick wearing slutty clothes to try and distract from her face…he needs something to distract from the fact that he blows.

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