THOUGHTCASTNOW Rebranding As EverFretTV – IG Music Talk Show Features ANUP SASTRY, RICK GRAHAM, COLE ROLLAND and More!

As with the scope of many new products, ThoughtCastNow was created with a much smaller vision than what it currently spans. The idea of creating a simple and personal experience for individuals to come together to learn and explore the deeper, sometimes darker aspects of playing an instrument and living life as a musician at the professional level. Within just a week, ThoughtCastNow was created and launched to take this exploration right to your smartphone every Friday evening. Thirteen episodes have been filmed to date, all featuring the music industry’s brightest and most inspirational artists imaginable.


ThoughtCastNow has begun to create a powerful movement of philosophically-minded musicians, which has led to numerous changes and developments. These developments have led to the beginning of multiple avenues of education, curated as bite-sized infotainment that jump-starts creativity and expression. These avenues, or channels, have begun to feel as centered around the same goals as ThoughtCastNow, which has ultimately led to new growth. It is with this growth that ThoughtCastNow has officially rebranded as [ƎF]ᵗᵛ aka (EverFretTV)!

Under the moniker of [ƎF]ᵗᵛ, all TCN episodes will continue just as before, beginning with Anna Sentina (Kiesel Artist) this Friday, the 20th. After Anna, Brody Uttley (Rivers of Nihil) will be on, followed by Mark Haylemun (Suicide Silence), Rohan (I Built the Sky), and many more! All previous episodes will remain as part of our Collections, where you can watch Rick Graham (Guitarist), McRocklin (Steve Vai, McRocklin/Hutch), Gretchen Menn (Zepparella, solo), James Ivanyi (Guitarist), Trey Xavier (Guitarist- In Virtue, Gear Gods), Sean Ashe (Tom Anderson Guitars Artist), Cole Rolland (Kiesel Artist), Justin McKinney (The Zenith Passage), Stephen Rutishasuer (Chelsea Grin), Anup Sastry (Monuments, Intervals, Marty Friedman), Eric Emery (Skyharbor, Grammy Award winner), Dean, Tobi, & Jared (Archspire), Charlie Engen (Scale the Summit, Ideology).

The community that we have built together and the conversations that we have with you are incredibly special to us. All of our forums will remain open, just under our new name! We strive to give you the best possible outlet for sparking your creativity and energising your inspiration. [ƎF]ᵗᵛ will continue with the same passion, humour, and personality that brought us all together. Thank you for your amazing support, conversations, and experiences! Be sure to send your questions to and we may answer your questions on air! We’ll see you this Friday night with Anna Sentina, live at 8pm CST, on @EverFretTV!

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