THORPYFX Emulates The Tone Bender With New Boneyard Fuzz

You can try and hunt down a classic MKIII Tone Bender, but good luck getting one South of $1,000. Instead, maybe check out the ThorpyFX Boneyard Fuzz that’s going for £299 (~$398) over on their website. It’s designed to give you a versatile, foot-switchable vintage germanium fuzz tone reminiscent of the ’60s without destroying your bank account.


“The Boneyard is a culmination of many years playing, testing and adjusting all of the various bender variants,” said ThorpyFX. “The aim of the pedal is to allow customers to choose their own tonal palette, in essence their own flavour of bender™. This new version expands on that legacy to deliver more volume, lower noise, more flexibility all in a much smaller pedalboard friendly footprint.”

Check it out below and grab one here.

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