Thomas McRocklin Launches New PolyChrome DSP Company

YouTuber Thomas McRocklin is here to save you roughly three grand with his new McRocklin suite plugin. Or at least that’s what he’s claiming to do. “I replaced over $3000 of plugins (and a massively complicated software rack) with a single plugin, PolyChrome DSP McRocklin Suite,” he said of the new suite.


So what is it? Well, it’s got four amps that offers Acoustic, Clean, Edge (defined as “From bold cleans to gritty boutique”), and Gain (“This low gain amplifier is a joy to play”) tones. There are also four different drive options, either a 4-band or 8-band EQ, a few different compression options, an Octaver that brings an octave-down option, and 15 fully-produced “mix ready” speaker chains. And then of course there are options for reverb and a load of other effects.

Check it out in the video below and get it here for a limited time at $99.

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