This Wild-Looking RITTER Amp Will Cost You About $38,000

Do you have €36,000 (roughly $38,750) and the need for an amplifier that looks like a wave? Because Ritter is offering exactly that. Yes, Ritter’s new Encore amplifier – which may have been stolen from the Crest O’ The Wave sign at Disney’s Boardwalk – will be custom made you for the price of a nice car.


The Encore features handwired, point-to-point construction with world-class components, including hand-selected tubes encased in ice-matte, alongside 18-karat white gold covers delivering 58 watts of power. The Encore is based on the Fender Bassman and the Dumble Classic and… I mean, is anyone gonna buy this? Should we really go into the technical details here?

It’s cool as hell looking, but a conversation piece/guitar amplifier that goes for damn near forty grand doesn’t exactly seem like something we’re all gonna be bringing home anytime soon. Unless everyone at your job gets real cool about shit real quick and offers you the heftiest raise ever. That, or you can also live comfortably inside the Encore now that the bank took your house.

“In a world where digital dominates and the authentic essence of music often fades into the background, the Encore emerges as a beacon of artistry and cultural tribute,” said Ritter of the amp. “This isn’t just another guitar amplifier; it’s an homage to the golden era of tube amplifiers, a symbol of unparalleled craftsmanship, and a testament to the enduring legacy of guitar legends.”

“Crafted with a vision by Jens Ritter and two close musician friends and inspired by the imminent regulations against tube technology, Encore stands as the pinnacle of tube amplifier sound and aesthetics. With its striking appearance, reminiscent of the iconic 50s and 60s futurism, and finished in a dazzling high-gloss red and white, Encore transcends the ordinary, embodying the emotional design vibes of an era that revolutionized music and culture.”

Only the bravest and richest souls among us may purchase one here. And if you do, let us know – we wanna come over when it gets there.

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