This Pedal Combines The Klon And Dumble Without Annihilating Your Funds

Crazy Tube Circuits is here to give you two extremely popular pedals that you, and the rest of us, can’t afford. The Crazy Tube Circuits Unobtanium combines the legendary Dumble and Klon pedals into one package, each accessible on its different sides.


The Unobtanium can be used inidivudally or as both pedals together, with each side offering its own controls. There’s also options to change up the EQ, volume, and voicing within its casing thanks to a handful of adjustable trim pots. The Unobtanium also offers an effects loop and an external footswitch input to select amplifier voicing.

“A mythical overdrive meets the tone and feel of two iconic amplifiers,” said Crazy Tube Circuits of the pedal. “We have accurately recreated the circuit of the high headroom overdrive with the magic blend of clean and overdriven tones and added extra features for versatility. The amp-in-a-box section uses an all-analog circuit to capture the essence of two legendary D-style tube amplifiers. From tube-like compressed fat clean to sweet singing overdrive with blooming harmonic overtones.

“Combine both sides for near infinite smooth sustain and enter sonic bliss while a passive series effects loop gives you the option to connect your beloved pedals between the overdrive and amp section, building your ideal rig.”

Get one here for €289.

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