This Modular Guitar Lets You Easily Switch Out All the Electronics

Fern Guitars is currently Kickstarting their new modular guitar The Phoenix, which is basically two guitars in one.


Where The Phoenix sets itself apart is the option to remove and replace the entire section of the guitar that houses all the electronics and pickups. In the mood to play something a little heavier? Go grab either the HH or HSS module. Maybe in the need for something a little twangy? The SS module has you covered.

According to Fern Guitars, the first 10 backers on Kickstarter will receive the Phoenix plus one module for $999. After that, the price goes up to $1,200 per guitar. Modules are $425 each for the first 10, and $445 afterward. There will also be multiple wood options.

It’s certainly an interesting idea and I definitely think Fern is on to something here, especially if the pickups are replaceable. Though I guess the real test of these guitars is going to be when customers start getting them, and I’m not sure the price is going to help. But again – time is going to be the real test on this. I personally think it’s cool.

Decide for yourself here via the Fern website.