These Stickers Make Your Guitar Look Relic’ed

If you’ve ever wanted to have the look of a relic’ed guitar without actually beating the shit out of your guitar and causing permanent damage, then Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X has a solution for you! Phil X has teamed up with Inzane Skins for a line of stickers that’ll make your guitar look old and ratty, but y’know – it’s not actually.


“If you’re at namm stop by booth 4325 & say hey to my buddy John at @inzaneskins,” said Phil X in a post. “They do full body adhesives to totally change the look of your guitar. We recently came up with these patches for those that want a worn/distressed look without actually beating, filing &/or sanding the shit out of your guitar. Easily removable as well in case you want to switch it up.”

Check ’em out here. What a great idea.

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