These 36 Fuzz Pedals Are One Giant Piece Of Art

Gone Fishing Audio is back with 36 new fuzz pedals that, when put together, make a very cool mural. When separate, they’re savage fuzz effects that’ll give you some gnarly bite… and yeah I mean, you can try to buy all 36, but I don’t think it’s gonna go well.


The Only The Dead pedal is a Vintage Germanium Fuzz pedal is the same circuit as Gone Fishing’s previous Rage Of The Tsar pedal, but with new art from Chris Dorning. Or as Gone Fishing calls them “Angry, aggressive, loud and brutal.”

Each individual pedal will be listed separately on Gone Fishing’s website, and will be available here for £245. I think if you buy all 36 and chain ’em together, you summon the Devil. Which is pretty cool. Don’t quote me on that.

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