The World’s Best Cab IRs Are Up To 85% Off For BLACK FRIDAY

Lancaster Audio has the screaminest deals going on for this year’s Black Friday sale, and starting today you can get the most outrageous discounts on the best cab IRs on the market. You don’t need any codes, coupons, special links or anything – it’s all automatic!


The EVERYTHING IR Bundle is the best deal of the bunch at 85% off – that includes every single IR that Lancaster makes, including every producer pack. If you were looking to stock your IR collection for every possible sound and style, you’re never going to get a better chance than this!

Individual producer packs, such as the Trey Xavier producer pack of cab IRs, are all 50% off, so if you’re looking for the kinds of heavy tones I get in my videos and songs, you can get them now for a steal.

Individual cab IRs are all 12 for the price of 5, so you can pick and choose to your heart’s content – put 12 in your cart and only pay for 5!

And last but not least, all their Kemper profiles and packs are 50% off, including the beastly Trey Xavier pack that includes profiles of every channel of the mighty Revv Generator 120, the Mesa/Boogie JP2C, and 3 different Orange amps.

If you record guitar, this is your opportunity to stock up on the best sounds – don’t hesitate and kick yourself later – get on these deals while they last!

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