The Two Most Important Words You’ll Hear All Week – Cat Pedal

Have you ever picked up a guitar and thought “man, this instrument sucks. It does not and has never sounded like a cat. Fuck this thing.” Of course you have. Every single one of us have, as it’s a completely normal and real thought.


Well good news! B’ Music Shop has just unveiled the The Meowdulator, which makes you guitar as cat-like as it’s ever gonna be. The Meowdulator has a Meow knob for meowing, a Meow knob for meowing, and then a Meow knob for meowing right in the middle of it for extra meow.

Listen. If you’re not sold on this thing yet, I dunno what to tell you. Maybe you hate fun, or you hate cats. And if you’re either one of those things, you can get the hell right off this website.

Anyway, get the Meowdulator right here.

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