The New ANDY JAMES Kiesel AJ2 Signature Guitar Just Got More Affordable

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist and all-around shredlord Andy James has teamed up with Kiesel Guitars for his second signature model, the AJ2. The AJ2 takes the basic idea of James’ previous AJ6E signature guitar and brings it down to a slightly lower starting price.


The AJ2 forgoes the carved top, neck-through body and standard burst colors, while bringing players the option of a Hipshot fixed bridge or Evertune bridge. The AJ2 is pretty customizable as well outside the Polarity active dual-mode Kiesel pickups, black chrome hardware, and black pickup poles. Though if you’re not really feeling the custom options, the standard AJ2 is exactly what James himself plays. So y’know, still a great option.

“The fact that we’re cutting back on a few of the options but still coming out with a quality guitar just makes this equally as desirable,” said James.

The AJ2 with a Hipshot starts at $1,499 for 6-string and $1,549 for 7-string. With an Evertune, the model starts at $1,799 for 6-string and $1,849 for 7-string.

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