THE FALL OF TROY’s Thomas Erak Has A Pretty Sick Triple Octave Pedal

CMC Guitars and Effects has teamed up with guitarist Thomas Erak (The Fall Of Troy) for one hell of a triple octave fuzz pedal. The pedal is dubbed the Triple Octave Manipulator and offers both Volume and Gain controls to manipulate the Upper Octave, Root Octave, and many Sub Octave voices. The Triple Octave Manipulator specifically offers four different positions for the Sub Octave as well – Clean, Synth, Square Wave Sub, and Unison Square Wave. This way you can tailor your low notes to what you’re playing (and where on the neck you are), offering a much cleaner sound.


Each Triple Octave Manipulator is handmade one at a time in NY with great attention to detail. Grab one here for $375.

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