The Ernie Ball Expression Series Ambient Delay Pedal Demo

Looking to add an extra layer to your live sound? Ernie Ball may have just the ticket for your ambient needs. They have recently released the Expression Series Ambient Delay Pedal, providing a hybrid of digital delay layered with plate reverb, for everything from slap-back to extended repeats. It hooks you up with exactly you need in order to create massive soundscapes or more subtle textures while playing live, it also looks pretty nice too.


Extremely versatile, it is easy to add into your pedal chain, boasting a large travel yet remaining sensitive enough to really generate those thick tones you want it for. It is also smaller than most volume pedals and therefore doesn’t clog up your probably already over crowded pedal-board. It is big enough though, to give you the control you need with the action of the pedal itself.

As well as looking pretty sexy, this thing is built like a tank so you can kick the shit out of it when playing live and not need to worry about it breaking on you at a crucial part of the set.

Check out the demo below. Available on pre-order now.

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