The BEETRONICS Zzombee Filtremulator Is Weird As Hell

The new Beetronics Zzombee Filtremulator is one hell of a pedal with a lot of strange capabilities. The pedal features a modulated filter, tremolo, wah, fuzz, and more all packed into a little black, bee-themed box. The pedal offers wah-like effects, LFO filters, cross-tremolo and traditional tremolo, and loads of different gains.


The Beetronics Zzombee Filtremulator also offers tap-tempo function, CV control, external tap, expression out, and can save presets. Basically if you’re looking to get as weird as possible with as little as possible on your board, you’re going to want the Beetronics Zzombee Filtremulator.

The Zzombee Filtremulator is available here for $349.

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