TECH 21 Unveils New Line Of SANSAMP Character Plus Pedals

Tech 21 is bringing back their SansAmp Character Series with a whole new round of pedals. The pedals were originally introduced in 2008 to commemorate a range of eras within specific amplifier personalities, and now the brand is doing the same with the next generation. The four pedals included in the SansAmp Character Series are:

  • Screaming Blonde, which emulates a Fender-style amp and Tube Screamer-style pedal
  • English Muffy, which emulates a HiWatt-style amp and Big Muff-style pedal
  • Fuzzy Brit, which emulates a Marshall-style amp and a Fuzz Face-style pedal
  • Mop Top Liverpool, which emulates a Vox-style emp and a Rangemaster Booster-style pedal.

Each SansAmp Character Series offers 2-channels and features Tech 21’s proprietary, 100% analog SansAmp technology. The pedals also feature Character, EQ controls, and speaker simulation to really nail down each of their tones, and can be used with either the amp emulation or just the effect on its own.

SansAmp Character Series will be available for $279. In the meantime, check ’em out here.

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