TC Electronic Explores Shrinkage with Mini Pedals

General rule of thumb here: small pedals are better than large ones. If you need more knobs for specific features, or more buttons to turn modes/channels/etc on or off, then fine, make it bigger. But if you need only a single bypass toggle and a couple dials, then let me be clear: shrink that shit. Shrink it like my tiny balls in a frozen lake. Size matters.


They agree with me up in Denmark, because TC electronic have released smaller versions of some of their popular toneprint pedals: the Flashback Mini Delay, Shaker Mini Vibrato, Corona Swill Beer Mini Chorus, and Vortex Mini Flanger. Each has lost its stereo ins and outs, and had its knob configuration reduced to just 3, but the former is for niche users and the latter is partially compensated by the Toneprint functionality, which allows tonal tweaks to be downloaded into the pedal.

Each stompbox should hit shelves with a retail of $99.99. And in case you missed in, a these were preceded by the release of the Hall of Fame Mini Reverb recently.

Source: No Treble!

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  • I rock the full size hall of fame, but it isn’t that big. The church or cathedral mode is tits.

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