TC Electronic Launch 8 Brand New Guitar Pedals; Each One Better Than the Last


Effects pedal world leader TC Electronic just put out a whole army of new products dubbed the Analog Armada Series that are sure to win everyone over everyone you know.

The eight pedals come in three distinct families, which is an awesome way of releasing new products. First, The Dreadnought Dirt Boxes which feature the El Mocambo Overdrive, the Honey Pot Fuzz, and the Eyemaster Metal Distortion. From the TC Electronic website:

El Mocambo Overdrive serves up the smooth, singing sustain of a pushed tube amp, Honey Pot Fuzz is full of fat, sweet and girthy sustain and if you’re drawn to the menacing buzzsaw grind of old school Swedish death metal with unforgivable amounts of gain – look no further than Eyemaster Metal Distortion!

The Creatures of the Deep series that feature the 3rd Dimension Chorus, the Choka Tremelo, and the Nether Octaver. Again, from the TC Electronic website:

3rd Dimension Chorus expands your tone into otherworldly realms with the vibrant watery lushness of the 80s while Choka Tremolo’s warm waves of tailor-made tremble breathes life and movement into your sea shanty or take things down an octave or two with Nether Octaver and explore the depths of the ocean where the low notes go.

And to round out the release, The Dynamic Gentlemen which feature the Crescendo Auto Swell and the Iron Curtain Noise Gate, which TC had this to say:

To keep things from getting out of hand, Crescendo Auto Swell gives you complete dynamic control over your pick attack for smooth, beautiful soundscapes of bitterly weeping orcas while Iron Curtain Noise Gate quickly and effectively shuts down any undesirable elements in your signal chain while delivering a strong and undiluted tone.

Whoever is writing these descriptions for the TC products needs a million gold stars, I’d buy all of those in a heartbeat, and I’m not even a guitar player. What’s more, there are video demonstrations of all of these pedals on the TC website so you can hear what they sound like (that Honey Pot Fuzz has got me). Check everything out, and then promptly empty your wallets.

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