TC ELECTRONIC Announce New MIMIQ MINI Doubler Doubler Pedal Pedal


Tired of being the only guitarist in the band? Wishing you had an exact replica of yourself to fatten up your sounds? Well, there’s a pedal from TC Electronic out there that might solve your problems, and it’s adorably tiny. We’re talkin’ ’bout the new Mimiq Mini Doubler.

The Mimiq Mini is the smaller sibling to the regular-sized Doubler pedal from TC Electronic. It takes up less room on the pedal board compared to its bigger brother, all while still containing the same proprietary doubling algorithm that allows for chunkier riffage and soaring solos. By changing the Tightness, Effect, and Dry knobs, you can effectively control how much variation the doubling affects your tone, from almost a perfect clone of yourself to a more drunken, clumsy version. What’s not to love?

The effect could almost be described as a combination of chorus and room reverb, but in a much more sophisticated fashion. The pedal itself changes up variations in pick attack, timing, and even pitch to give you some of the most realistic doubling sounds out there.

Be sure to check the video above to be guided through the Mimiq Mini by the smooth voicings of Danish pedal expert Tore Morgensen. For more info on this lil’ fella, head over to the TC Electronic description page and read up on the deets!

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