Sync Up The Whole Band With The SoundBrenner PULSE Haptic Metronome


I’m not sure how I missed the existence of this – a metronome that you can wear? The Pulse by SoundBrenner is a haptic watch-like metronome that you wear on your wrist to keep time. You can give everyone in the band one and sync them up like you’re James Bond (ok, you’re probably more like Moneypenny, which probably makes me Q, but I digress), which means that no one has an excuse for playing out of time. There’s also a body strap version that you can wear like a workout heart rate monitor if you prefer to feel the beat near your heart!

Have you tried one of these? Let me know in the comments how it’s working out for you and your band

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  • I bought it when it was launched (relaunched?) in collaboration with Guitar Center about 2 years ago. It works great for live performance. However, at the time the app was quite limited in featureset that I didn’t use it more than a few times and fell back to my regular metronome app. Wearing it on the wrist was not too uncomfortable. But after a few minutes of use, my wrist would somehow become immune to the haptics and I needed to pause for a moment, find the pulse and feel the beat again. And then I figured I could just do that with a regular smart watch too (I mean feel the haptics as metronome) and since that day, I have never touched it.

    • Also, the drummer who was wearing it on his ankle had the same experience that after a while he couldn’t tell the difference between pulses. May be we need to try it again and see if we find some better use for it.

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