Sweetwater Launches Used Gear Marketplace, Sweetwater Gear Exchange

Sweetwater has just unveiled their new Gear Exhange, whose sole purpose is to let users buy and sell used gear. If you’ve ever used platforms like Reverb, or shopped on Sweetwater before, then you’re aleady pretty familiar with the user interface and generally how this works. Gear Exchange also allows users to set physical locations for actual stores, owner bios, and return policies.


“Being avid music makers ourselves, we know how real the connection can be between the musician and their gear,” said Sweetwater Chief Marketing Officer David Stewart. “It goes beyond just being an instrument and becomes an extension of the artist.

“Whether it’s someone’s first guitar or an old recording interface, every piece of gear has a story,” he continued. “The Gear Exchange provides music makers and gearheads the opportunity to find a common place to buy and sell items, sharing the remarkable stories behind each unique piece. We are excited to provide a new forum for artists to find the perfect equipment to make the music they love.”

Check it out here.

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