SUPRO Offers Detailed Control With Their New Flanger Pedal

Supro is here to bring you all the sibling to their Supro Chorus pedal in the form of the Supro Flanger.


The Supro Flanger is an all-analog, full-stereo modulation pedal featuring MN3009 Bucket Brigade IC chips, a bi-directional Feedback control, and a Sweep control that increases the delay time on one side of the stereo image while shortening the other. The Supro Flanger also offers a Dimension switch to crossfade one channel into the other. So if you’re looking to really drill down on your flanger sounds, the Supro Flanger is definitely for you.

“Say farewell to wispy, weak flangers,” said Supro regarding the pedal. “Supro Flanger offers rich, analog tone that strikes the tonal balance between vintage flanger units and more modern modulation effects, paired with a never-before-offered Dimension switch that yields a striking double-flanger effect.”

Check out the demo for the Supro Flanger below, and then grab one here for $289.

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