SUPRO Drops Tiny Version Of Its Amulet Amplifier

Supro has teamed up with Sweetwater to make a special 1×12″ version of their Amulet amplifier, because why not? Everyone needs great tone when they’re practicing at home.


The Supro Amulet 1×12″ offers 15 watts, 5 watts or 1 watt of all-tube tone thanks to three 12AX7 tubes alongside one 12AT7 for the preamp, and then a 6L6 in the power amp section. The Supro Amulet 1×12″ comes loaded with a UK-made Celestion Creamback speaker and brings with it both on-board Reverb and Tremolo effects.

The Supro Amulet 1×12″ can be controlled by an optional SF2 Supro Dual Footswitch, and is all housed in a Poplar cabinet with Black Scandia tolex and Cream piping for that retro look. The Supro Amulet is available in 1×10″ or 1×12″ formats, with the 1×12″ is available here for $1,299.

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