SUNN AMPLIFICATION Plans On Bringing Back The Model T

Sunn Amplification recently made its triumphant return with a handful of guitar and bass models… but of course, everyone wanted to know where the hell the classic Model T is.


According to James Lebihan, CEO of Sunn Amplification, the Model T is certainly in the works. It’s just a matter of getting the price point right and making it worth everyone’s while. So don’t worry – you’ll be able to get your Greg Anderson on soon enough.

“We could absolutely make an exact copy, and we have to design all – or some – of the components from the ground up to do that, but it could definitely be done,” said Lebihan via Guitar World. “But it is gonna be an expensive amplifier… Could we make a Model T that’s just like the original and sell it for $500? No, absolutely not. So our question is how do we do that, how do we get a Model T into the hands of everybody who wants to have them.”

“There is going to be a Model T,” said Mike Eldred, chief marketing officer of Sunn Amplification. “We are definitely going to come out with a Model T but we’re not going to do it haphazardly, or quickly. We want to research that. We want to go into it – and that is what we have been doing since we got the license.

“Every meeting we have we talk about the Model T, and what platform it’s gonna be. We can make it accessible to everybody and not just people who can afford a 100-watt or a 150-watt hand-built tube amp, made in America.”

In the meantime, check out Sunn’s new line of amplifiers here.

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