2018 SUMMER NAMM Goodies From KORG and More!

If you’re a fan of this site and a gearhead in general, you should be familiar with the NAMM show. But for those that are not, NAMM is the biggest music industry convention in the country. The National Association of Music Merchants holds conferences in the winter and summer to showcase the latest and greatest in music tech. Summer NAMM kicks off this week and we’ve got some goodies to show you!


First up, is the Korg Pitchclip 2 Tuner. What guitarist would be complete without a clip-on tuner? The Pitchclip 2 is a flexible tuner that will go just about anywhere on your headstock and be clearly visible. Plus, with 24 hour battery life, you’ll be tuning in 2089 without changing batteries.

Korg Pitchclip 2 Tuner

Korg also came with a solution for non-stringed instruments: the CM-800. It’s a contact microphone that you can clip anywhere and then connect to a Korg tuner. Pretty nifty, yeah?

Korg CM-800

Eventually, you do have to haul all your gear around and Sequenz hasn’t forgot about you. They made a specialty case for the Korg Volca Synth series. It can hold up to four units and cables in a durable semi-hard case.

The British are coming! The British are coming! And they have some pretty sweet melody makers. Tanglewood is debuting their new line of Sundance Performance Pro Guitars which includes six new models. Some of them even have Fishman Presys in ’em!

Vox decided to bring the volume this summer, debuting the AC10C1 VC, AC30S1, and Mini Superbeetle amps. They’re all updated and unique variations on the classic AC10C1, AC20, and AC100 respectively. Take a gander below.

And for the finale? Harmonicas by Vox! They teamed up with Suzuki to bring you the Continental Type-1 and Type-2 models, made in Japan.

Summer NAMM lasts June 28th through June 30th in Nashville, Tennessee.

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