Summer NAMM 2014 – V-Picks, The Pick that Sticks

Are you tired of dropping your pick? Are you also tired of not having 4357289345 varieties of pick to choose from? Then look no further than V-Picks. These cool acrylic picks stick to your fingers to help keep a firm grip. And they better, because most of them are clear, and if you drop them they will camouflage against anything and disappear forever.


They’ve got some pretty innovative designs, including the Memphis, a concave pick meant for digging in real hard for slower playing, the Mummy with extra grip and textured edges for a rougher attack, and the Duet, a pick with 2 tips facing the same direction for 2 notes per strum. They’ve got basically anything you could possibly imagine, from a standard light to a (no joke) 11.85 mm pick, called the Insanity. You think you’re extreme? Try one of these first, then get back to me. V-Picks are all handmade in Nashville, TN and can be ordered directly from

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  • So, it’s an advanced thumb pick that’s been around for ever? Please take my $9.99 plus shipping.

  • 11 mm? Jesus was it made for Paul Bunyan?

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