SULLY GUITARS Rolls Out New Affordable Series

Sully Guitars is back with a brand new lineup of their affordable Conspiracy Series guitars. The new line features a carved top ’71 Trella model which was previously only available as a Custom Shop instrument, a slick Michael Sweet signature guitar, and the Sully’s Golden Ticket – meaning one random preorder customer will open up the case to find the golden ticket and the Sully USA Custom Shop version of the guitar they ordered.


“It’s always exciting to do a new batch of these because the Conspiracy Series isn’t just about making our guitars accessible, it’s about releasing a focused lineup of production models that can really show guitarists what Sully Guitars is all about,” said Jon Sullivan, President/Founder Sully Guitars. “Not only do these have some brand new designs and specs, the idea of someone opening the case to find the Custom Shop version of what they ordered was way too fun to pass up!”

Elsewhere in the run is a selection of sleek 624 and Concorde guitars featuring hardtail, tremolo, active, and passive variants; and a Raven Select model featuring builder Sullivan’s personal spec choices. Check ’em out here starting at $1,349.

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