SUHR Introduces Their High-End Discovery Analog Delay

Suhr, whose name you absolutely know from their incredible instruments, has gotten into the high-end analog delay pedal game with their Suhr Discovery Analog Delay.


The Suhr Discovery Analog Delay employs MN3005 Bucket Brigade analog delay chips to offer players the ability to shape their delay, and then save that delay to one of the pedal’s 127 preset slots. The Suhr Discovery Analog Delay gives players tap tempo options with an intelligent Tap-Tempo that averages your last four taps, a Filter Section that allows you to shape where your delay sits in the mix of your overall sound, and the ability to map knobs to the expression pedal with a custom sweep for each one.

There’s also a Modulation control that allows you to capture the warble and flutter of a vintage analog delay, or get a modern space-aged chorus all the way up to classic Leslie-style speed shifts. The Suhr Discovery Analog Delay has full MIDI capabilities and, perhaps most importantly, delay times from 40 to 1,100ms.

The pedal is available here from Suhr for $549.

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