SUBMISSION AUDIO Introduces New EuroBass III

SubMission Audio has just rolled out their new resampled virtual bass library, the EuroBass III, and it’s a killer. The EuroBass III uses the same Spector Euro 5 LX from the original EuroBass and EuroBass II libraries, and features all the upgrades that can be found in GroveBass and UmanskyBass.


The EuroBass III features:

  • Our first picked truBass instrument, with advanced alternate picking and forceable Pick Up and Pick Down articulations
  • Articulation upgrades from EuroBass II including advanced Slides, Harmonics, Ghost Notes, Taps, Slaps, Pops, and for the first time due to popular demand, Palm Mutes
  • Advanced humanisation: auto alternate picking algorithm, Force String, Position Knob, Velocity variation control and increased sample round-robin
  • Interactive fretboard showing the bass playback in real-time
  • C0-G4 note range (down to double drop-C)
  • Three tone presets: Bass DI, Clean and Distortion tones
  • Mixer tab to further tweak mix-ready tones with Drive, Tone, Compress and Girth controls

Get it here for $119, or upgrade from EuroBass II for $69.

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