STRYMON Drops Affordable Brig dBucket Delay Pedal

Hey look, Strymon made an affordable delay pedal! Well, affordable in comparison to all the other Strymon pedals. The new Brig dBucket Delay offers the experience playing with analog bucket brigade delays (BBDs), offering three distinct delay voicings in one stereo pedal. Those voices are:

  • The 3205, which delivers gritty repeats that can morph as it feeds back, creating sounds ranging from gorgeous slapback echoes to psychedelic sci-fi effects.
  • The 3005, which recreates a dual MN3005 BBD chip circuit running at 15V for longer delay times, higher headroom, and warm repeats with a soft, dreamlike quality.
  • The Multi, which features two cross-coupled, super-clean dBucket delay lines with golden ratio timing to create complex soundscapes and a huge stereo soundfield that remains musical and clean even while sitting on the edge of self-oscillation.

Outside those three voices, the pedal offers a high-impedance and ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET stereo input preamp, MIDI control for tempo, patch save/recall, and a USB jack for controlling the pedal via MIDI from a computer or for performing firmware updates.

Get one here for $259.99.

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