Strandberg and Boss Unveil the V-BDN V-Guitar – the Last Guitar You’ll Ever Need?


Remember all those years ago when guitars started to be able to tune themselves, and you thought “That’s a lot of money, but that’s also pretty cool”? Well, meet the V-BDN VG from Strandberg and Boss, which is like those old tune-themselves guitars, times like, one hundred.

That looks like any other Strandberg, right? Right! It’s just like any other guitar from the Swedish guitar makers (which already says a LOT), but you see all those knobs on that thing? That’s where things get crazy. The guitar is loaded with a bunch of tech from virtual guitar frontrunners Boss, and pretty much make this thing its own pedalboard. One of the knobs can change the tuning of the guitar at will, without changing the tension. There are a huge number of different tones to choose from, including: different pickups, bass tones, acoustic guitar tones, electric SITAR tones, and even actually synthesizer tones. Keep in mind, all of this is built INTO the guitar, no outboard gear needed. This might be the last guitar you’ll ever need.

The guitar will be available for a limited run in a gorgeous transparent blue finish. Check out the video above featuring phenom Alex Hutchings to hear what this bad boy can do. If that keeps you interested, check out the Boss website for an in depth rundown of the guitar. Keep an eye out for this thing to go on sale soon, buy it, and make all of your friends jealous.

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