.STRANDBERG* Unveils Second RESQ:D Drop

.strandberg* is back with their second RESQ:D drop and it’s sick. The drop features models built with the bodies .strandberg* have saved from being scrapped, making it possible to order a .strandberg* without breaking the bank. So y’know, get on it.


According to the company, the .strandberg* RESQ:D models are sustainability models developed to “rescue” guitar bodies with natural wood blemishes from being scrapped. These blemishes are often discovered after the milling process during production and, instead of scrapping the bodies, they are painted and offered at a lower price to provide all the features and benefits that .strandberg* guitars are acclaimed for.

The body woods were originally milled for:

  • O6, O7 & O8 – Original NX
  • P6T & P7T – Prog NX
  • I6T – Plini Edition NX
  • F6T – Fusion NX
  • S6, S6T, S7 & S8 – Standard

All models feature a solid Maple top, Maple neck, Richlite fretboard, 5-way pickup selector switch, and passive OEM pickups designed and wound to our specs. A body that was originally made for active pickups will come with an empty battery box.

Get ’em here starting at $1,299.99.

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