.STRANDBERG* Offers a Closer Look at Alex Machacek Boden Signature NX

F.A.T. guitarist Alex Machacek recently got his own Boden Fusion NX, which he’ll happily walk you through in the below video.


The Fusion NX Alex Machacek Edition is specifically designed for the fusion, shred, and modern jazz players who seek a warmer and full-bodied sound. The guitar features a Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard, and a lightweight chambered Alder body with solid Maple top and premium grade Flame veneer. The Fusion NX Alex Machacek Edition is equipped with an EGS Rev7 Tremolo System and offers a .strandberg* Alex Machacek Edition Neck in the neck position, a .strandberg* middle single-coil in the middle, and a .strandberg* Alex Machacek Edition Bridge in the bridge.

Check out the Machacek signature here, and check out everything else .strandberg* currently has to offer here.

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