In recent Strandberg Guitars news, the Swedish guitar company has announced the brand new signature Boden model from Cynic guitarist Paul Masvidal. In addition to the band’s newest single “Humanoid” that was just dropped this past Monday, the release of the new Masvidalien Cosmo marks Paul’s second signature guitar from Strandberg (succeeding his previous model, the Masvidalien). Get spacey, baby!


About his new axe, Paul had this to say:

“When I first started conversations with Ola about the guitar, words such as “effortless”, “ease”, “elegance”, and “versatility” came to mind. Not only was this captured with the instrument, but it was also taken further. The finished product managed to strike a rare alchemy, where everything from the way it sounds, feels, and appears fell seamlessly into place: the guitar both expresses and is itself an expression.”

A more affordable counterpart to the original Masvidalien, the Masvidalien Cosmo still packs just as much cosmic juice. The guitar features a chambered swamp ash body with a maple top, an open pore poplar burl veneer, a roasted maple neck with ebony fretboard (accented with Paul’s trademark Masvidalien inlay), and to keep things simple, a single EMG 57 bridge pickup and active EMG VMC tone control.

The Masvidalien Cosmo is currently retailing for $2,395 USD, which is almost half as much as the original Masvidalien. If this galactic guitfiddle is the extraterrestrial beauty you need in your life, head over to the Strandberg US or EU online stores and order yours today! But be warned, it’ll probably be flown in by a UFO.

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  • “versatility” certainly doesn’t come to my mind when I see a single bridge humbucker with “EMG” on it. Still cool guitar.

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