STEVE VAI’s Live Rig Is Nuts

If you’ve ever wondered how insane Steve Vai’s live rig is, the answer is “extremely.” Check out the below video published by Thomann that joins Vai’s techs Doug and Thomas on a pretty extensive journey through the rig. The video includes looks at Vai’s classic guitars like his John Scofield Hollowbody, Ibanez JEM7VWH, the Ibanez Universe he used during his stint with Whitesnake, and yes – the utterly batshit crazy Hydra triple neck.


“I asked my engineer to weigh it but we never got to weighing it,” said Vai about the Hydra. “Everybody asks me, ‘How much does it weigh?’ 1,000 lbs that’s what it feels like!” The video also looks at Vai’s pedalboard, how his guitars are setup, and the all-important button that switches Vai’s fan on and off onstage. Check it out below!

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