STERLING BY MUSIC MAN Has Their Own DarkRay Bass Now

Ernie Ball Music Man teamed up with Darkglass Electronics back in 2021 for the DarkRay bass. Now Sterling is doing the same, though at a more affordable price.


The Sterling By Music Man version of the DarkRay offers a custom Darkglass 2-band active preamp with three modes: Clean (Preamp-only), Alpha (Distortion), and Omega (Fuzz), all switchable thanks to a color-coded LED ring and 3-way selector. The Sterling By Music Man DarkRay features a Nyatoh body with a Roasted Maple neck and Ebony fingerboard, and comes loaded with a H-1 Alnico Humbucker.

The Sterling By Music Man DarkRay is available here for $1,399.99.

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