SPITFIRE AUDIO Offers Massive New Epic Choir Library

Spitfire Audio is back once again with another fantastic library, this time in the form of the Epic Choir. The Epic Choir features a 50-pieve ensemble recorded at Lyndhurst Hall, AIR Studios and offers three different signals:

  • Close – Valve spot mics summed together for a direct and upfront image of the string ensemble.
  • Tree – A decca tree microphone array, giving a spacious and enveloping sound.
  • Ethereal – A treated signal (saturation, reverb, EQ) which adds texture, brightness and width to the vocals, while retaining an organic feel

The choir is split into Sopranos & Altos and Tenors & Bass sections, both sections offering identical articulations. Spitfire further notes that samples include classic shorts and longs, as well as ‘episodic’ vowel blending textures and short staccato syllables, alternating between vowel sounds.

The Epic Choir is available here for $29.

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