SPINBAL – A Mount That Lets You Spin A Cymbal for 10 Minutes Straight

Here’s a fun and wacky one – the Spinbal cymbal mount is a replacement cymbal mount for your cymbal stand that allows your cymbal to spin for up to 10 minutes on one spin. It’s currently being Kickstarted to the tune of $10k to begin production.


Why on earth, you might ask, would you need a cymbal to be spinning while you play? The makers of the Spinbal claim that the Doppler effect fills out the sound of the drumkit when the cymbal spins, and you can also use a sizzle to get a continuous wash of white noise while you play around the kit. Also, it looks cool. I’m no drummer, and I feel like the effect might be minimal, but if you’re playing with a small kit and need some extra sound to fill out the sound of your group, it could be worth the investment.


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