SOURCE AUDIO Offers Up A Wide Range Of Compressors With New Pedal

If you’re having trouble picking a compression to use, why not try all of ’em? The Source Audio Atlas Compressor is designed to offer a collection of compression circuits from classic stompbox compressors like the now-discontinued Diamond Optical Compressor, to high-end rack units such as the snappy 1176 compressor, and the smooth and gentle LA2A optical compressor. The Atlas also offers advanced dual-band compression, each with their own Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Output, Tone, and Blend. All compressors can be accessed via the top Alt switch.


Better yet, the Atlas features dual inputs and outputs, and a USB port, to connect to Source Audio‘s Neuro app, use with MIDI features, or hook up to a DAW.

“Offering up a deep library of compression options in a pedal is a landmark technical achievement,” said Atlas. “We started working on compression in 2007. At the time we developed some straightforward, high-end studio stuff that made it into the original Multiwave a year later. The research project to branch out and cover more simple classic pedal sounds and create a dedicated compression pedal was delayed, because the intricacies of how transistors behave in compression circuits was especially elusive.

“After ten years of additional research, new thinking, and more experience, we are finally ready to launch a landmark pedal: The Atlas Compressor. From classic rack studio units, to classic pedals of many flavors, and even to the experience of high-end computer plug-ins, Atlas covers all the bases with attention to detail that is the hallmark of our development team. Bob Chidlaw, Jesse Remignanti, and Christopher Venter worked long and hard on this one and I’m excited to finally share it with the rest of the world.”

Grab one here for $229.

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