SOURCE AUDIO Goes All-Analog With New Zio Front End + Boost

Source Audio has stepped into the world of analog pedals with their all-new ZIO Analog Front End + Boost. The ZIO is preamp-meets-boost pedal that offers four preamp circuits, each with up to +20dB of additional output boost. The pedal was designed in collaboration with Christopher Venter, the owner and sole engineer at SHOE Pedals, and essentially serves to sweeten up your tone no matter where it is on your pedalboard.


The four preamp circuits are:

  • JFET, which is similar in character and behavior to a clean tube amp input with very low distortion.
  • Low-Cut, which is designed to remove excessive low-frequency rumble and buildup to make your guitar sit better in the mix.
  • Studio, which combines an EQ curve based on the famous “Pultec Trick” with other tried and true methods to improve clarity.
  • E-PLex, which is a recreation of a classic early 1970s tape echo unit.

There’s also a toggle switch to swap between Bright, Med, and Dark modes that essentially replicates different lengths of cable. The ZIO is available here for $199.

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