SOUNDIRON Unveils New Hyperion Strings Ensemble

Soundiron has unveiled their brand new Hyperion Strings Ensemble for all your epic orchestral needs.


The Hyperion Strings Ensemble library offers a massive range of articulations, special FX, sound-design and total flexibility in one powerful package. The ensemble offers a 30-piece string ensemble in a 12-layer slot system that allows you to quickly build huge symphonic groupings, with eight 1st Violins, seven 2nd Violins, six Violas, five Cellos and four Double-basses.

Each section has fingered and gliss true legato, vibrato, clean and tremolo sustains, a full range of long/short notes, expressions, specialty bowings, and aleatoric effects, including flautando, ponticello, harmonics, trills, runs, clusters, stabs and more. In addition, the 1st Violins also include a full selection of Sordino articulations, including true legato, portamento, various sustains, shorts, expressions and effects.

Then there’s a whole slew of options for the shorter staccato notes, loads of expression controls, and a streamlined interface to optemize your workflow. This also means the ability to seamlessly between articulations with instant key-switch assignment, A-B grouping, velocity stacking, cross-fading and Niente attenuation.

Get it here for $449.

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