Songs About Winning the Lottery

Does cranking up your favorite tunes increase your luck with the lottery? Music is a mood enhancer, yes, science supports that. But whether it helps you beat the odds seems to be a personal belief thing.


One thing is for sure, though; you need some motivation when you enter a draw. Here is some ear-sugar to include in your playlist for fun, for high spirits, and hopefully, for some luck.

“Lottery Winners on Acid” by The Crimea

Think money can’t buy happiness? The Crimea think differently — this song is about how happy one can be with all the money after winning the lottery. The person depicted in the song is a woman that the singer has fallen head over heels in love with.

He says that if she has a disease, he wants it. If she gets a splinter, he wants that too, and so on and so forth, and that they will walk the streets like “lottery winners on acid.”

Even though it’s packed with dark undertones, this song might get your lucky juices flowing. Besides, rock and lottery go way back – the beats and the flow are enchanting.

You might find that you keep trying your luck when you should have given up long ago.

“The Lottery Song” by Harry Nilsson

Life is a big gamble; that’s the message the singer is trying to pass across. There is no winning for those who don’t play. Harry goes on to share his dreams and imaginations of what he would do with his lover if he won the lottery.

The lyrics reflect accurately what is always in every gamer’s dreams at that moment when they buy a ticket and enter a draw.

If you need something in your playlist to turn on your psychic arousal when you play, this is it. It is dreamy, wistful, and nostalgic at the same time. It could drive your motivation to keep trying again and again by helping you remember the real reason why you are playing.

“Next Big Winner” by the Homegrown Band

If you feel cornered by life every time your wallet runs dry, the Homegrown Band relate to that feeling. They have dreams of being rich, too, by striking the jackpot. Next time you try the lottery, you can put this on and sing along about how you hope to overcome your daily struggles with a few lucky numbers.

“Put That on My Hood” by Bow Wow

Hip-hop and gambling go hand in hand, but could this song also help your chances of winning the lottery? Many lottery winners who loved music will tell you that if you want something you have to visualize getting it.

So for a soundtrack to help you visualize glamor and glory, you might want something as fanciful as Bow Wow’s “Put That on My Hood.”

This one is about getting rich while staying true to who you are and where you come from. That’s never the case, though. More money means a higher social status and probably more responsibilities. Life is never the same once you win the lottery.

“Lottery” by Train

How about betting to the beat of a man drunk in love and dreaming of romance and jackpots? If you believe that it takes being rich to be in love, then you must do your best for the one you think you must be with.

That means trying your luck at new jackpots as many times as it takes to “lace her up with things that glitter.” This pop-rock tune of the ’90s says it all. Being in love, winning the lottery, underground pools and uptown bowling is all a man can dream of.

Free Money by Patti Smith

“Free Money” was sung straight from the heart, as Patti Smith explained in a BBC interview. The story goes that she and her siblings were always sickly and that their mother struggled to pay hospital bills. As a result, she grew up in a financially strapped household, hence the song.

She wrote it for her mother, who liked to daydream about winning the lottery. She recalls that her mother would always make a list of the things she would do if she ever won the lottery.

Probably because of the true-life nature, this song was a significant hit and is still popular more than 40 years since its release. It might not be your typical happy or joyful gaming music, but it does capture the needy picture that describes many lives out there.

No one can say they have never dreamed about winning the lottery and overcoming all their financial troubles in a single day.

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