SOLIDGOLDFX Launches First New If 6 Was 9 Fuzz Pedal In A Decade

SolidGoldFX has announced the MKII version of their If 6 Was 9 fuzz pedal. The pedal emulates the classic Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit by employing two BC183 transistors, which SolidgoldFX points out offers a tone “between mushy compression of Germanium and brash sound of Silicon.”


The If 6 Was 9 offers everything from your standard Volume, Saturation, and Fuzz controls, to a Bias knob for varying the operational voltage and a knob to toggle anywhere between 5 and 15 volts. If 6 Was 9 has top-mounted jacks and Soft-touch True bypass switching.

The If 6 Was 9 is available here for $199.

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