SOLIDGOLDFX Gets Weird With New Ether Modulated Reverberator

SolidGoldFX is back once again with a weird pedal that’s entirely too alluring. This time it’s the Ether Modulated Reverberator, which transforms your usual reverb palette into something totally new. The pedal offers long ambient reverbs with an infinite hold, a Shimmer effect, and the option to control the pedal through its Speed, Decay, Level, Depth, and Color knobs. Though that’s not all SolidGoldFX wants to talk about.


“We have equipped this compact goliath of a stompbox with 3 different modulation types, each with 3 different LFO shapes and Tap Tempo operation,” said the brand. “The Vibrato adds a melting fluidity and washed out chorus flavour to the verb while the Tremolo can divide things up into subtle waves or absolutely chop up your tails for a more percussive decay. Finally, the Harmonic-Tremolo adds a wonderful Push/Pull character that tilts the sonic spectrum between highs and lows, all while sweeping everything in between.”

Grab one here for $209.

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